Emil Pedersen

Orbe pour Pronote

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Screenshot of the main view of the app, with the Informations, next class, and recent grades visible Screenshot of the daily recap view, with the time you start the next day, the subjects you have, the homework to do, the recent changes in subject averages, and the class content to revise Screenshot of the main view of the app in dark mode, scrolled down to see the upcoming exams, a graph of the subject average changes, and the messages from teachers

Orbe pour Pronote

This project is an iOS/watchOS/macOS Swift app to view school information. Most high schools in France use Pronote to handle and share school information with students and parents. The official app for Pronote was very limited, therefore I made this app.


The app is written in Swift, the backend is written in JavaScript (NodeJS) using Puppeteer, and with a Python watchdog.
The development began in October 2019, it was available on the App Store between 2 September 2020 (version 1.0) and 20 April 2021 (version 4.5).
It has been updated 18 times on iOS and 14 times on macOS, and the monorepo has 1246 commits.